Smart Choice Auto is Car Buying Your Way!

From the beginning, Smart Choice Auto has set out to make your automobile purchase experience a one-of-a-kind process. No cookie cutters, no sales pressure, and certainly no one-car fits solutions. Smart Choice Auto is an auto brokerage that represents you while finding the precise vehicle you are looking for.  Our vast network of dealer support reaches throughout the United States ensuring that your perfect vehicle finds you. When you are ready, it just takes one call.

We are the ideal auto dealership experience. Smart Choice Auto can provide you with  a luxury ride or your first vehicle all in a stress-free buying experience. Our central business operations are in the beautiful mountains of Colorado Springs making our services easily accessible to our customers all over the country. You'll find we carry a limited stock of inventory because the heart of our business is not limited to the selection on one car lot. With over 15,000 dealerships in the US, the nation is our shopping playground and we find it short sighted to limit your choices to just what we carry in stock. 

We do however, stock a limited supply of outstanding vehicles that we just couldn't pass up. Feel free to browse our selection for immediate delivery but remember at Smart Choice Auto we have a country of shopping at your service.

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